EPF balance by SMS & Missed call SMS alerts on pf balance

By | December 12, 2017

What is the purpose of EPF?
EPF balance: The purpose of Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is to provide financial stability and security to the elderly people who have worked their entire life. This scheme helps them to save for their future. They make their contribution along with their employer on a monthly basis.

Get epf balance SMS alerts monthly on mobile

To know the details of the EPF from the website or to access the account, the Employment Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has generated a Universal Account Number (UAN) for every employee who has an EPF account. With the help of the UAN, the employee can access any details of the EPF from anywhere.
Importance of your registered mobile number for the EPF:
Nowadays, to know the EPF balance is very easy and it is hassle-free. You can do it with the help of your UAN, EPF account number and from your registered mobile number. It is important for everyone to have all three numbers. You have to compulsorily register your mobile number because the majority of the details come as an SMS on to your phone.

EPF login   uan activation online

Different ways to know your EPF balance:

There are different ways to know your EPF balance such as accessing the official website with your EPF number, accessing the UAN website to download the EPF passbook, using the UAN to get an SMS about the balance inquiry, SMS method, missed call method and official mobile App method. All the above methods are pretty easy to use. But today, let’s discuss the easiest two methods- SMS and Missed Call.
These two are the easiest ways because you do not need online access or the internet to know your balance inquiry. You just need your mobile phone which is something that all of you always carry with you. You can access it anytime and anywhere. The process is very simple and quick.

How to check your EPF balance via SMS?

As mentioned below, SMS method is the easiest way to know your EPF balance. There is an official number declared by the EPFO on which you have to send the SMS. Another benefit of SMS method is you will receive the SMS in your own desired language.
The designated number to send the SMS request is 7738299899.

Default language is English You don’t need to mention the Language tag.

  1. The format for sending the SMS is  EPFOHO UAN <LAN>. <LAN> is the language that you want your message in. The languages supported are


  1. English <ENG>,
  2. Hindi <HIN>,
  3. Telugu <TEL>,
  4. Punjabi <PUN>,
  5. Gujarati <GUJ>,
  6. Marathi <MAR>,
  7. Kannada <KAN>,
  8. Malayalam <MAL>,
  9. Tamil <TAM>,
  10. and Bengali <BEN>.


Send the SMS from your UAN registered mobile number. Once the SMS is sent, you will receive an SMS mentioning the member details such as your UAN, KYC status, last contribution, and the EPF balance.


Checking epf balance in English by SMS

To: 7738299899


Finally, Click on Send.

UAN Number is 12 Digit Number you can get it by UAN registration.

Another best way is download epf passbook with uan Number & [email protected]  uan passbook download.

How to check your EPF balance via missed call?

Another easiest way to know your EPF balance via your mobile phone is a missed call. You just have to give a missed call on to the official designated number given by the EPFO. Once you call on that number, the call automatically gets disconnected after two rings. Once the missed call is given, you will receive an SMS within few minutes. This service incurs absolute no cost. You save the designated number in your contacts of your phone. The number is 011 2290 1406. The SMS that you will receive will have details such as your date of birth, KYC Status, your UAN, last contribution and your EPF balance.

Checking epf balance by Miss call

  1. Pickup your Smartphone & dial This Number 011 2290 1406.
  2. If you KYC Details Including Aadhaar PF Account linked already then you can get the Epf balance details through missed calls option.

These above two methods are the easiest and the simplest ways to know your EPF Balance Enquiry.


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