[epfo] uan passbook download pf statement

download uan passbook from uan portal, check uan statement status online,  uan member login for portal download passbook epf statement.

epf passbook vs uan passbook

the main difference between uan and epf passbook or statement is they served on different websites. but the purpose is the same that knowing epf balance.

How uan passbook helps?

it contains all transactions to your epf statement. now you can download it online at uan login portal.

How to download UAN passbook?

generally, we can download UAN statement from uan portal login facility. before things get started, let’s talk about uan number.  every employee receives uan number while his first pf number generation. uan number helps reduce epfo premature withdrawals because pf withdrawal is easy rather than epf transfer. because transfer involves both employer involvement. but withdrawals only from current employer.

with the help of uan number. now employee only gives uan number to the new employer. so that pf amount can transfer automatically. is that good?  there are lots of benefits for uan number.

Let’s look at detailed instructions get download uan passbook.

uan passbook login

  1. visit the new unified uan portal for employees https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/.
  2. sometimes you may not connect to the uan portal because as of now it not working.
  3. Enter your UAN Number and password, for successful uan member portal access to download uan passbook.
  4. Just look at uan portal interface to download uan balance sheet or pf statement available from downloads section.
  5. uan member portal download passbook: Process flow of download uan statement is UAN Portal >> Login>> downloads>> UAN passbook.

EPF Statement download 

sometimes if uan portal not working, you can still download from the traditional epfo portal. but the epfo member can visit the epfindia.gov.in.

  1. epfo member portal (download your e-passbook); If you already registered with epfo members portal,
  2. then you can login to employee provident fund website and download the epf passbook.
  3. otherwise, you can register with epf portal with a document number like pan, passport, voter id etc.

On the epfo member portal, you can download pf statement only monthly once.

if you want to check pf balance without login then you have to enter the pf number epf India portal.

UAN registration for uan passbook

only the members of uan portal can download the uan passbook. then how to become a member of uan portal? the Answer is simple, just activate uan number which you already had it. if you really don’t know the uan number, just do a cross check on uan portal clicking uan status.

To register at UAn portal you must have uan number and it should be activated.

What uan passbook contains?

it contains all the information about employee or member, it also contains employer establishment details. Somethings it contains member id, UAn number, pf balance, date of joining, EPF contribution by the employee, and employer, interest earned on total pf amount. contribution to epf scheme, epf pension, and other schemes if participated.

Total epf balance and total pension amount details. pf transfer and pf withdrawal related details. it also abstracts total epf balance by employee balance and employer balance. total interest added by epfo.


UAN passbook benefits

  1. It added more convenience to download the passbook of epf. now members can pf statement anytime anywhere as they want. before the uan portal, employees got only once a year regarding their pf passbook and statement details.
  2. No need wait at epf office to view their passbook related transaction.
  3. employees can submit the uan balance to avail loan for the requirement.
  4. you can download uan passbook after leaving the job too.
  5. check employer contribution whether he paying or not regularly.
  6. uan passbook gives an idea of your income for retirement.
  7. epf UAn statement helps you to know the personal details of the epfo member.

uan passbook status helps the members to check their epfo related transactions every month.

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