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Know uan number status by pf number for uan activation unified portal login for checking epf balance, requesting pf transfer and withdrawal etc. learn how to generate the uan number by uan status.

How to know uan status universal account number?

UAN Status: UAN Universal Account number useful for knowing epf balance, downloading uan passbook or epf statement. to get all benefits by uan member portal. every employee needs to get uan or universal account number. for knowing uan status employees have to follow this tutorial.

how employees get the uan number?

generally, employees thought that they have generated himself at epfo uan portal. but the fact is this uan number already generated by your present or previous employer. once it generated it will not change. uan is for the lifetime but sometimes you can get 2+ uan numbers. in this case, you have to contact uan helpdesk or your employer.

Your employer generates multiple uan numbers at a time for uan portal login.


How to know uan status on the unified portal?

99% cases uan number allocated for every pf account. you may notice on your monthly salary slip. PF Number is mandatory for knowing the uan number.  EPF number printed on the salary slip if not contact your HR officer.

for checking uan number status, Employees have to enter the following details along with pf number. that is only your registered mobile number.

Steps to check uan number generation status:

 employees can visit the epf India official portal which is epfindia.gov.in.

After that follow the employee service page and then uan services.  on the 3rd step, you will see know your uan number. click on uan status link. or directly visit the uan member portal which is uan members.epfoservices.in. but now epfo re-launched uan portal as the unified uan portal.


On the uan status page enter your pf number by selecting the state, and the pf office also furnishes the establishment code. if you may not know your company establishment code. you can search it online. check salary slip for the full format of Provident fund account number.

After entering the pf number, click on check uan status. if you already had the uan then uan portal status page asks your phone number otherwise it asks to file a request to generate a new uan number.

UAN Number allocated for this member id XXXXX XXXX kindly enter the following details

epfo uan Status to know uan number part 2

Enter your registered mobile by with epfo. Pf details, name, date of birth email id Create user password for epfo uan login portal.  uan portal username will be the universal account number.

maybe in couple years, Aadhaar Number will replace the uan number like pan card number.

then you will see a message like epfo will send your uan number details to the mobile number by SMS within 7 days. once the uan status request processed.

that’s once you got uan details next step for go for uan number registration.


UAn Status check on mobile app

UAN app usable for only uan members that mean you have to already activate uan number. in order to use the uan app for checking balance etc.

for uan activation you have to submit some basic employee details DOB, Mother name, email id, phone pf number etc.

I guess this video helps you to check uan status epfo.

UAN Helpdesk ticket status

if the employee facing some issues on unified member portal epfo. the example epf member needs to update the mobile number but didn’t have any login details. so he cannot access the unified uan portal.

then the member can request for epfo service. he needs to visit the uan helpdesk portal and seek for support by creating a request. although the problem cannot solve immediately so he gets request id to track the problem status with uan portal.

UAN Number Activation status

every epfo member can finish the uan registration with couple steps prescribe on uan activation portal. so there is no need to check epfo uan activation status separately once the uan activation or uan restitution has successfully completed. then uan portal members can log in immediately to check epf balance by downloading the uan passbook

  1. uan passbook status for pf balance
  2. Pf claim status by uan
  3. check epf balance status at epf India portal.

Benefits of uan (universal account) number status

improved benefits for epfo member portal with the uan number portal, here we gonna list some important features

know pf balance by uan statement, update Address and id proof documents online,

request pf transfer and pf withdrawal at uan portal with help of aadhaar number.


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